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Writer looking for an Artist
Komi at 8:25AM, Aug. 6, 2008
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Hi people,

I'm Komi, and I'm looking for an artist who wants to make this story I'm writing into a comic (probably a one-shot or a two-shot). I can write (read: WRITE) storyboards and teksts, but my drawing is simply not good enough.

Genre: Fantasy/Humor
Rating: T+ (language, violence, sexually tinted humor)
Length: Unknown yet (I'm guessing it at a little over one hundred pages, but I'm bad at guessing, so…)
Writers update rate: I think I can manage once a week with the story (that would be one or two pages).

Warning: It might contain light forms of Yaoi/Yuri (gay love). If you are repulsed byt his or simply don't like it, then I'm not your writer, I fear

Well, if anyone is interested, please reply or send me a message, and I'll tell you more about this story.

-xxx- Komi

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