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writer looking to collaborate
dixieflatliner at 4:48PM, Jan. 2, 2008
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would like to collaborate with artist's, who would be interested in creating some new webcomics. I'm open to pretty much any story/art style. I have some of my own idea's as well, if there are any artist's out there who would want to collaborate on some project's. Just drop me an note and let's start a conversation and see where it leads. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
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SomaX at 8:57AM, Jan. 5, 2008
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Since I'm already swamped with projects, I can't help you. So, I thought I'd make it easier for you to get some candidates. First off, many artists also have ideas and projects of their own. Because of this, they have a limited time to work on your project. To fix this, you want to develope what you want your story to be that is estimated length, basic plot, characters, update scedual, ect. That way, you seem serious about the project and this will make an artist more inclined to work with you.

Secondly, what you have posted for your request now will only attract mediocre artists, if any. This is because when some one is new on the site, with no ideas for a project of their own, they'll latch on to the first “Artist wanted” thread they can find. Chances are, this artist isn't very practiced, since they don't have their own project to practice on. Your post is like candy to those kinds of artist, especially if they know they won't be beat out by a better artist, because a good one wouldn't even bother to contact you because of your presentation. To fix this, post a short summary of the story you plan to write, or even better, some sample scripts (if you don't know what I'm talking about, you shouldn't be looking for an artist).

And just one last tip: get a good avatar picture. If you use the question mark guy, then it makes you look like someone who just signed up yesterday.

Hope this was helpful to you, and I hope I didn't come off rude. Good luck.
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SkylerVane at 1:58PM, Jan. 31, 2008
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joined: 5-31-2007 If you can work in this realm at all, I invite you to join a fan fiction project. I am looking to take it all the way to a web comic and hopefully official release, or course, but everything has to start somewhere…
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