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Aurora Borealis at 2:39PM, June 18, 2009
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Aurora Borealis
You can skip to 0:59 or so, as the first minute is basically the vhs intro. The actual song/video is basically as crazy as my brain :D

you must be very very deep into the realm of VK to know of these guys! impressive.

They're one of my fav bands ever. I discovered them in 2002, heard the song Wir Masquerade, went “wtf is that?” and moved on… and only bout 2 years later when I tried them again and this time it was this video and I think I had it on repeat for an ENTIRE day (even found someone to translate the lyrics for me, haha).

And yeah, I had a VK obsession at some point, but then all the bands I liked disbanded, so my interest kind of faded. I think only The Piass is still running at this point, haha.

so that was yer house, Aurora?kinda dug that beat a little bit actually.
ya ever catch any Alice Cooper shows? watched the Years ago/Steven video for the first time the other day and i thought ya might appreciate it the way i did. spandex aside, of corse. it's gotta guest apperance by Vincent Price and Alice Cooper's performce with this weird child like voice and this mirror, and his body motion with it. like it's just him, no fancy effects, but it's one of the most chilling things i think i've seen. anyways, thought ya might be interested in it,if ya ever wanna check it out.

That was interesting, thanks.
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