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PicaandPiku at 6:37PM, Feb. 5, 2007
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If you like Pica, then why not stop by the Pica Zone? Pica Mystery Thingie isn't the only appearance for Pica! It's also the home of KirbyStar, who… uh… still has yet to appear in anything at all whatsoever. Let us ignore him for now, shall we?
You want to talk with other Pica fanatics? Click this link so you can go to my officially unofficial forum! Unfortunately, I only have four members, so I'm going to need some members to come here. It'll get better, I swear. :(
This is the ultimate variation of Pica Mystery Thingie! If you don't mind 503 errors too much, then you should go check it out.


It's the official Pica Mystery Thingie userbar! It's fashionable! It's viberant! It's one-of-a-kind! It's at a reasonable size! It's… uh… a userbar! And it's another great way to show your kind support for this comic!

Here's the code!
Just be sure to enter the image tags first.

It's the official banners for this webcomic! Yet another way to show your support! Whooooooo!

Here's the codes!
Top banner:
icon thingy:
Upload these to Imageshack and copy and paste the enbedding code onto your webpage!
My webcomics:
Pica Mystery Thingie
Adventures of PnKS
Ask Pica! (Smack Jeeves exclusive)
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