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KirbyMeister at 4:35PM, Feb. 16, 2007
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I haven't checked anything in a tiny while. This is because I've been working on FLAMP-2, which stands for Flash Local-Area Media Player, prototype 2. Or it could be a hidden pun, because the final version is expected to be prototype 3, or FLAMP-3.

If you couldn't tell, FLAMP plays MP3s off a remote server. It's designed to be Wii-friendly, because it's the console that needs this the most.

Random Internet Channel stats:

It's still a beta, they just call it the “Trial Version”. It's crashed more than any other channel or game combined, mostly when Flash is loaded. If any sound was being played, you hear buzzing.
The channel simulates a screen resolution of 800x500. It's shrunk to 480i/p, so view at 75% to 50% when designing content.
It's just Opera 9 with Flash 7 packaged into a content.bin file.
It's currently the only way for user-programmed content to be on the Wii, and you don't get the Nunchuk or motion sensor.
The browser emits keypress events for every button on the Wiimote, even ones that do other things, like 1, 2, and HOME. Disabling at least the normal 1 and 2 functions would enable a Wiinabled Stinkoman 20X6.

Anyone who has been following this comic, don't worry. There will still be an inflow of comics. Now if only I could find time to start making new ones, since i'm just burning my buffer right now.

But right now, I wanna play MP3s on my Wii, and I don't wanna wait for a Music Channel with the associated modchip-killing update.
If we continue to keep confusing filesharing and high-seas piracy…. Well, let's just say… One Piece just won't be the same. After all, who would want to see a story about a swashbuckling KaZaA user named Luffy trying to become King of the Pirates with 2 gigabytes of storage space and a 56K modem?
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