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Right out the chute I am going to tell you they love to be shaved. True love is being shaved. Sagittarius love is being shaved by someone they love. And they love to travel. They are constantly moving. They keep milk carton and cardboard box companies in business. They are always packing and going somewhere. They are the outdoorsy type. Why fuck in a tent when you can be surrounded by Sequoias under a moonlit night and have sex? Most Sags flash body parts and are closet nudists. They will be the first to register for nude volleyball at the nudist resort. Don't get me wrong, they have a ton of provocative clothing at home, but they like to be naked…everywhere..

They don't know why it’s against the law to drive naked in a convertible especially. It just doesn't seem right. Downright Anti-American to them. They are also bleeding heart cause fighters. They believe that sex is a biological function amongst friends. Why are so many people against it? A perfect night for them is to: Talk. Fuck. Talk. Fuck. Go out and look at sea otters Pick some flowers. Talk. Fuck. Laugh. Have a drink. Talk. Fuck. Dinner. Fuck. Sleep.

If Gemini and Sag could be wired for electricity by how much they talk we would have all of Vegas lit up until 2098. They usually can be found together, too. Male Sags have more fetishes than a female Sag. Foot fetishes…lingerie…cross dressing. Female Sags are more nature lovers: do it in the bushes. Kinky? Who has time for kinky? Okay, they dress kinky, and will play a game or two, but sex is sex…a biological function for need in times of emotional release. They believe in doing it and getting it done before the movie starts. Better yet, fuck at the theatre so you don't miss the previews.

They need leg rubs and Jacuzzis. This is because their thighs and legs are always acting up. Hey, you weren't complaining when they were holding you up fucking in the closet at your friends housewarming party at two in the morning, right? They are sturdy.

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