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tea_green at 12:21PM, Feb. 11, 2007
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Ever heard the saying “Been there. Done that?” Chances are it came from a Gemini. They are always changing…they are the eternal Chameleon. You never who you are fucking that day. They have had sex. A lot of sex. Probably because they are in a constant state of flux…always looking for the new high. The biggest turn on for a Gemini is: LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.

Here is just a smattering of places that I know Geminis have fucked: In the elevator of the mausoleum of Forest Lawn Cemetary…during a funeral. Wine cellars in nightclubs. VIP areas of theatres. Public Parks. The 18th hole of a private golf course. In the center of a race track just as the flag was going up. On various gym equipment at numerous health spas. A football stadium during the SuperBowl. A Balcony railing at Mardis Gras in the French Quarter…just to name a few.

If it's shiny…they will want it. They are big on drama so be prepared for them to set the mood for sex no matter where you might end up. They WILL take the initiative. They live off their charm. If they are male and gay they will still be the greatest fuck your female friend has ever had. Go figure. They are also voyeurs, but always willing to lend a hand…or any other part of anatomy. If they are depressed, suck on their fingers…that always seems to cheer them up. Their goal is to fuck in the front row of the Oscars when the cameras pans on them so that they can wave.

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