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Lucifiel at 9:13AM, Oct. 2, 2009
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Hi, just a question:

what kind of gender roles and relationships exist in this world? Are females and males reared according to very strict gender roles in certain regions? And are heterosexual relationships strongly encouraged mainly for the purpose of procreation and sustaining a society? Or are other kind of relationships permitted/outlawed?

Just curious! ‘Cos you know, HF seemed kinda deep so I’d to ask. :)
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daidaishar at 10:24PM, Oct. 2, 2009
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The culture that Joan is from has reverted to a mostly medieval outlook on life (especially superstitions). Women do have a slightly more prominent social role than they did in medieval Europe (or at least in the popular notion of in, in reality the women of the lower classes contributed a lot) but do run a very real risk of accusations of witchcraft and it is not a good culture to be gay in.

The dynamic is very different among dragons. The females are often times larger than the males, more agile fliers because of their different wing shape, and fierce fighters. Its usually considered a good idea not to pick a fight with them. Females inherit if they are the first born and become drakes (dracas) if they are the second born. As far as hetero vs homosexual relationships, dragons aren't as concerned about continuing the family line as humans are. Because dragons live for so long several generations of a family can be around and finding a suitable heir isn't as difficult, and it often simplified things if a branch of the family tree didn't produce any offspring. Homosexuality was fairly well accepted among them, especially in families like Drake's that are more remnants of the roman era than the new feudal society.
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