Interaction: All the Cool Kids are Doing It!
Psychobabble at 11:06PM, July 15, 2007
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So, my panel for Fusion 17 is finally up, as well as stuff of mine on the other previously-mentioned community projects. I made a panel for Fusion 18, so whenever that comes out, you'll know. So I see that I do actually get a bit of traffic here (although it looks like Psychobabble is nobody's favorite ). When you visit it would be cool if you left a comment, positive or negative. No pressure. I would like to have somewhat of a community/interactive feel though for the comic, and that can only happen if you people checking me out leave some kind of communication. Of course that won't happen if my entire traffic load is just people clicking the link in recently updated, taking a quick look at my latest panel and moving on, not particularly interested in what they see here. If I'm wrong about that, now's your chance to prove it to me.

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