Awesometown at 10:09AM, June 14, 2007
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I'm sorry it takes a long time to get new comics up here… if I had the time to work on it more I would in a heartbeat. Truthfully I don't have alot of time, if it was anything else I would probably stop altogether, but I never want to stop working on webcomics. Sadly Awesometown itself doesn't really lend itself well to someone who doesn't have alot of time, it takes alot of time to produce, so there will always be breaks between issues. The only way to stop that would be to change my style completely which I don't want to do. I like the style of it too much.

Anyways, what does everyone think of the comic so far? I know there is only four issues of Awesometown and that makes it hard to judge, and Awesometown has matured a little since it's Shrimp Chips days… but what do you think? My goal is to get a new comic up at least every other week starting soon, if I can do that, what would you like to see… how involved would you like the stories to get? I want to know.
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