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A whole year!
DragonessAthena at 10:06PM, March 11, 2008
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It was March 12th, 2007 when the first page of Heart of a Dragon made it's debut on Comic Genesis. One year later, that one page has grown to 150+ pages! I started the story because I have a love for telling stories, and after waiting soooo long, I finally said enough was enough, and I would get to work on telling my first story to the world.

I really hope everyone is enjoying the story so far. There's way more to tell, years and years worth of story. As you can see in today's comic, Minerva is just starting to learn what normal people think about her appearance. She's in for one heck of an adventure, which will have it's ups and downs.. but.. she won't be alone, I can say that much.

Have fun!
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Greyman at 11:36PM, March 27, 2008
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It is exposition and explaination time. At last!
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