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Rori at 7:17PM, Sept. 1, 2007
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I just got NetFlicks, and like a teenager with a new diaphragm, goddammit, it's gotten me a case of the Clap.

Said clap is called Day of the Dead 2: Contagion.

Jesus titty-licking Christ, do not see this movie. It has nothing to do with Romero, other than naming one of the dorms “Romero Ward.” Oh, yeah, it takes place in some mental facility seemingly in the middle of the ‘burbs. Apparently, this movie aims to “explain” the origin of the initial outbreak in NOTLD, but all it did was make me want to eat the living. The mental facility lies on a former military base where, in the 60s, some fey Russian brought some magical tampons that turned everyone into zombies (when will they quit putting facilities over massacre grounds? cf: Shadow:Dead Riot). Of course some guy stole one of the tampons, sealing it in his thermos, which he dropped before being shot by soldiers with anachronistic guns. The best part is that apparently there were palm trees in Pennsylvania in the 1960s. Who knew?

So of course the mental patients find the thermos and all hell breaks loose. Wait, what? We have to sit through a bunch of hippie shit first? About their feelings, and needs, and interpersonal relationships? Oh, good. When we finally get to the eating, the director can’t decide between Return zombies or Romero zombies, so shit! we get both. Lucky us. The best part of the movie was the end, where reporters getting their “live shots” get eaten, to which I replied “send more reporters…”

Seriously, that was the best part.

Zombies movies are obviously an addiction, because damn…
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MrRiot at 7:34PM, Sept. 11, 2007
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Yeah…I found that little gem of a movie a long while ago. It's up there with “City of the Living Dead” as far as zombie-movie-suckery. It's pretty awful to the point that you can't even have fun making fun of it.

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Rori at 7:51PM, Sept. 11, 2007
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Ah, yes, what was Fulchi thinking?! Those zombies had no rhyme or reason to their zombi-ness (and definitely NOT any resemblance to Romero cannon). Worse, I believe I saw the version with the cleaned-up drill scene, thus rendering the film useless D:
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