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Fae at 5:00PM, Dec. 13, 2007
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Alright I know that whoever reads the comic have been aware that have been changes to the updating of the comic.

Here's something you must know

1: I go to COLLEGE. I'm trying my best to get my associates degree in Illustration so bear with me should I stress over things such as finals and school work.

2: I work 2 JOBS. Yes you heard me 2 jobs. I work at a nursing home with recreation such as taking residents to Bingo and such. I'm also at a groccery store where it is my job to take carts and to bag other peoples things, and considering the weather is changing into snow and ice it's going to also take a toll on me as well both physically and mentally.

Now this isn't me complaining this is me stating facts as to what's going on so if I miss a comic don't think I've forgotten or I've decided to drop the comic all together without any warning. No, if anything like that happens you'll know either here or on the Author notes below each comic page.

So that being said, updates will continue to be on Fridays for a while until further notice. I'm sorry for those that read it to only get a page a week but a page a week is better than no page at all am I right?

*sighs* Okay I'm going to go lie down and try to make do with my day I've got to get up early for class tomorrow and show them my final pieces. See you all later.
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