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Kip K Koopa at 6:16PM, Jan. 17, 2008
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This is the list of Filler Episodes for Kip's Show. There are a few defining factors to weather an Episode is a Filler or not, especially in Seasons One and Two. Both of these Seasons have no real plot, so many Episodes may appear to be Fillers. A Season One or Two Filler:

-Has little to no time put into making it
-Has a small amount of panels, but isn't a poster or parody

A Season Three Filler:

-Has nothing to do with the Plot.
-Makes me hate myself for making in the middle of a fight.

So there you are. Here is the list of Fillers thus far. Subject to change as more Episodes are released.

Season One
-#6: Nothing to see here

Season Two
-#25: The C-note
-#29: Don't you Just HATE Those Lame Game Endings?
-#39: R4|\|D0/\/\
-#41: Why I Use Sprites…(I Waited for Halloween for this One! XD )
-#43: An Inconveniant Truth…
-#46: Comic Merging/Cameo/Filler/Result of Boredom…
-#53: It's Obvious That he's Left His Mana Wide Open…

Season Three
-#65: Of Drastic Propertions
-#68: Filler Ultimatum

-Probably Found on Route 112, at Lv. 12

If you actually are reading for Plot, than avoid these at all costs. If you are reading for humor, than set your standards very low for 50% of these.

-Kip K Koopa
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