Outskirts of Orgrimmar: 50th Comic Celebrations
outskirtsoforgrimmar at 11:21PM, May 16, 2008
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Heh. Didn't actually check out this feature yet… DURRRRP!

So Mine + Ozzy's webcomic has been going on since 2007ish, and we're nearing our 50th comic (not including delays/fillers).

To celebrate the occasion, we're jumping on WoW for much shenanigans and other things.

I will also be setting up an IRC chatroom for those who can't access US or Oceania servers, because Blizzard suck ass and won't combine the US/EU servers.

At this point, I'm thinking of using Khaz'Goroth to bum around in, but any suggestions are welcome and more or less encouraged.

The date of this is still to be confirmed, and will be announced on the comic's main page, as well as here.


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