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shaun at 4:24PM, June 17, 2008
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alright guys, this is Ryosaki Uzumaki's forum, you can talk about anything here, have any questions, that need answers, ask ‘em here (and i don’t mean meaningless questions, PLZ) bear in mind that the comic updates Tues, Thurs, & Sat, wit a double update on the next update day, only if i miss the one before it, and occaisionally, there may be questions from me (about the comic)

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shaun at 10:52PM, June 25, 2008
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don-don-don-don. . .

Riddle Time. . .

Alright, before I tell the tale of the riidle, lets get the Rules and Regulations outta the way. . .


1) The 1st person to solve the riddle will get to be a key character in Ryosaki Uzumaki 1

2) You have until the riddle is solved, meaning, it'll go on forever, until someone solves the riddle

3) You may use any source, EXCEPT ME, to aid you in solving this riddle

4) When you think you've solved the riddle, PQ it to me

5) The riddle is divided into 3 parts: Part A, B, and C. You must solve them at once, meaning send me all of your answers at once. . .

6) HaVe FuN pLz. . . :]


-Part A:
This part of the riddle challenges your knowledge of Ryosaki Uzumaki 1

1) Where is Christina from? And who is here father?
2) What is Ryo's goal?
3) Rei's true hair color is?

-Part B:
This part of the riddle challenges ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! there was no point to this one. . . Go to the next one. . .

-Part C:
This is the FINAL PART!!! This just challenges your knowledge
of solving riddles, it has nothing to do with my comic, or does it, you'll know
when and if you solve it. . .

It's an essential tool you'll need
Something that helps you along the way
Authors need it to help make their stories
We Illustrators need it as well
It exsistence fades as quickly as you use it
Make it last as long as it substances are still in use
Although it substances are fading too quickly as well
What exactly is this essential tool?
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