News for the week of November 28th~!
Kojika at 4:34PM, Nov. 30, 2010
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Well, the 2nd page was a bit late this week cause I've just been completely swamped, and since I've been working Mondays lately, that kills my extra freeday after the weekend lol (though it puts Thursday free for errands, instead of having to use Friday for it, lol). Hopefully I can get the extra pages done to cover BishieCon BEFORE the con. We'll see though ^^;

I found some more missing pages, so I've added them in, but they aren't quite back to where they belong yet ^^; sadly, DD only has a feature that allows you to move them one page at a time…and last time was chapter 4, this time is chapter 5 >.> please do let me know if you find missing pages anywhere though! It still looks like the page count here is 1-2 off of the one on SJ…(liked to think I just have a duplicate there, but seems unlikely ^^; )

Well, that's it for Zos Kias news! Don't forget about the Kappa to Ieba contest~! Till next week!
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