News for the week of June 27th~!
Kojika at 12:50PM, June 27, 2010
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Wee, we're into chapter 21~! Which means…I'm officially out of pages that are already done up (I think I'm going to try to get ahead again though, lol. So much easier that way XD ). But we're finally entering the final chapters in the whole Storm arc, so it will be fun to be over with it (when reading it all together it doesn't seem that long, but man, it really has been going on for a long time, lol…). I hope it hasn't been too much of a drag on my readers, either ^^; (but if you're still reading it, I suppose I can take that as hopeful, lol).

Hm…nothing really else to say…so I'll just end the newspost here. Got work to do. Anyways, see ya next week!
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