News for the week of May 16th~!
Kojika at 9:11AM, May 21, 2010
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I knoooow, the updates are sooo late this time around XD But it's cause my RSS feeder over at the main site had kicked in, so I forgot I hadn't uploaded the pages on the other sites, lol. And then getting the news done…lmao XD Well, here it is, better late than never!

Thanks ya'll who supported me at ACen, don't forget that I'll be at Animazement in two weeks, too. So, be sure to get your copy of volume 4 there~! (Or order it online if you're unable to come). ^^ All your support is appreciated…!

My car sorta died, and the bill is like $900 @_@ so I'm taking discounted commissions, two characters for $10, if any of ya'll are interested. Just message me and let me know~!

Well, until next week! (Like a couple days from now, haha ).
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