News for the week of March 28th~!
Kojika at 7:56PM, March 28, 2010
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Wow, March is almost over! Scary how fast this month went! A lot has been going on, so my days are starting to blurr together @_@ Well, at least everything is moving along nicely. Chapter 19 will be ending soon, and chapter 20 will be starting!

I'm also starting to get things ready for volume 4! I'm polling right now on my DA page to see what people want for extras. So, if you wanna get some input, head over to my DA page and leave your vote! If you don't have a DA page and still wanna leave some input, just send me a message personally and I'll take it that way, as well ^^ The extras are all about what you guys want, after all.

Well, that's it for this week! Tekkoshocon's coming shortly…still getting things ready for that. If you're there, please stop by in AA and say hi to me! Until next week~!
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