News for the week of December 6th~!
Kojika at 6:42PM, Dec. 7, 2009
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Well, like I had said last week, JLPT took my Sunday, but lookie, got the pages up only a day later, anyways xD And, technically, I always tell people I have til Saturday to get them done, mw ahahah~! (I just like getitng them done sooner than later, cause it gives me more time throughout the week).

Anyways, the Cosplay/Costume contest ends end of December, so make sure to get your entry in~! I added one of my calendars as a prize, and it will be a limited thing even for sale. So, get it while you can~!

And with that, that's pretty much all the news for the week, lol. See ya next time~!
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