News for the week of July 12th~!
Kojika at 1:22PM, July 12, 2009
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Hm, despite the fact that I was gone all yesterday with friends, I managed to get both of the pages up and it's just after 3 pm my time. Strange. Good for me though, I've got tons of commissions to work on (yay, money <3). So, I've still got a looong day ahead of me @_@ But, please enjoy this week's chapter!

As far as next week goes, the pages will be a bit delayed, as I will be at Otakon~! I won't get back til Monday morning, heh. If you're there, say ‘hi’ if you see me! I'll be Albel (SO3) on Friday, Nami Skypeia version (One Piece) on Saturday, and Nami Enies Lobby version on Sunday. No AA still, so I'm not counting on that ^^; But, I'm gonna enjoy the con anyways, oooh!

The 8th contest came to a close and though the results are in, there is no real big announcement. Since I've told the winners and they've been unofficially announced elsewhere, I'll tell ya here, too. First place went to Komiko and second place to Anime Rascal. Congrats~! We are still working out the details of the 9th contest. If you want to get some input, go to my DA page and vote there!

Until next week~
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