Updates for the week of May 17th!
Kojika at 10:06AM, May 17, 2009
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Well, I'm back on track this week! In fact, I'm trying to catch up on the week I missed, so you guys get three pages this week! They are all technically done, but they are set up to go up today, tomorrow, and Tuesday. So, enjoy the three pages this week! There will be another week with three pages, as well, but it probably won't be next week, as I have Animazement next weekend and since it's all the way in NC, we've got like a 14+ hour drive ahead of us. Joy ^^;

Volume 2 has officially been released! Go check out the main site on CG to see how to order it! Keep your receipt if you do order it! There will be a special offer for a keychain of some sort, but we're still working out just what exactly that will be, lol. If you wanna have some input, go to my DA page and vote~!

Wow…only a couple more weeks til I reach 300 pages O.o and, Zos Kias' third year anniversary isn't all that far off. Lots of landmarks coming up, hee hee~!

Don't forget the Contest: Family! You still have til July to do it, but don't wait too long!

And that's it for this week. Until next time~!
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