Updates for the week of March 15th~!
Kojika at 3:58PM, March 16, 2009
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Wee, another week down and another two weeks until the chapter is over! One of my favorite storylines starts after this, so I'm excited about getting to draw it. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did~!

Also, the Zos Kias game has gone into full-fledged Beta-testing! MWA HAHAHAHHA~! I've been getting random people off of DeviantArt (some with no knowledge of ZK) to do the Beta-ing for me. Once I get a few more and get the results back, I'll go through and clean up the coding, and then, finally, get all sound together.

We've our first entry for the Parody contest (did I say that before?), and it's finally up on the main site, as well. Get your entry in, soon! The contest ends April 1st~!

And, that's it for this week! It's my spring break, so time to rot my brain, mwa hahahah!
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