Updates for the week of January 11
Kojika at 5:56PM, Jan. 11, 2009
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Well, the two pages are up for the week! Two weeks left until chapter 13 has reached it's completion. I'm a bit excited to get into some of my favorite storylines, but at the same time, I'm gonna miss drawing all the Kazehiko and Kola! But, the pages are up, and that's all for that.

The 6th Contest came to a close yesterday and due to lack of entries, the results were actually tallied a lot quicker than I was expecting. But, the results are: First place to Fey with her Randy and Natasha entry, and the honorable mention went to Zecarius with his Favorite couple algorithm (Fredonia and Carter was his final result) due to the creative and strangeness of it all! So, that was the contest. Thanks for the entries, though who did participate.

The 7th Contest has begun! The theme is Parody! Have some fun~! You can find all of the rules and information on the Contest page of Zos Kias' main site. Please enter~! The more entries, the better the prize! I know what I want to try and do for the prize, but it will depend on how many entries I get…

My college starts back up tomorrow. I'm a bit excited but a bit nervous at the same time. It's my final semester there, so I'm not sure what to expect. Fortunately, I've got a good start on my senior project, so I should be fine to get that done. I don't know what to expect from my other classes though…

And that's the updates for this week! See you next week!
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