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Kojika at 2:03PM, Dec. 21, 2008
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Whoa, Christmas is coming fast, for those of us who celebrate it X3 And, in the spirit of the holiday, we got another entry for the Favorite Couple contest. This entry is totally worth the look, especially if you want a good laugh. Definitely the most interesting entry I've gotten yet. Go to the main site's contest page to check out the entries so far! It ends the end of January! Don't wait til the end to get yours in!

Now, for the page updates this week…took a break from working on my senior project to get these two pages done, and I hope to get a holiday pic done, too, once I decide on which ZK couple to do it with, lol. But, we are over halfway through Kazehiko's back story now, and we finally get to see the appearance of the first magick user amongst them~! Jameson (Buchou) has finally released his power. These scenes are a bit violent, and they'd be better in black and white, but it can't be helped. I apologize ^^;

Hm, I think that's it…I'm nearing the end of part 1 of 3 of my senior project. For those of you who are into ZK enough to want to play a game, that's what it is, and it will be done throughout this coming semester. If you check out my DA page, you can see some of the art for it.
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