News for the week of November 2nd
Kojika at 1:04PM, Nov. 4, 2008
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Hey, got a couple of basic news posts to cover. Nothing that exciting, but still, it's news and I'm going to try and make use of this site more and more. Guarenteed I had it planned as a secondary site to Zos Kias, but it's almost had as many page views as the main site, and it draws a slightly different crowd. So, I figure for now on I'll use this site just as much, but slightly differently.

Anyways, here's the news for this week! First and foremost, the obvious thing is that we got this thread up, as well as several other threads here. Of course, I keep saying we for some strange reason, but basically, I'm the only one working on Zos Kias. I get some help and input from Urd-chan and Ranefea, even Zecarius and Kaze-kun, but it's all pretty much me handing them stuff and asking for their opinion. It's a force of habit, I suppose. But, anyways, feel free to actually use these forums now for discussion or whatever else you can in relation to Zos Kias.

Second update is that chapter 12 finished this week and we started chapter 13. There is still no ETAs on volume 2 of Zos Kias being published, but if I get enough people asking about it and can get enough preorders, I'd consider trying to get it published around next May (at that time volume 3 will probably be ready to come out, too, since that seems to be when my volumes are ending). But, for now, just enjoy it online. Of course, the quality isn't as nice as books, but it can't be helped.

Third update is that I, with Pink Door Inc, just returned from YoumaCon 2008. Anyone see us there? We had the pink table (ugh). I'd like to thank the people who bought a copy of Zos Kias or commissioned me. Heck, I appreciate everyone who bought something from us or even just stopped to talk to me. Thanks so much~! I had a blast at YoumaCon, but this is our last con for the year! OhayoCon 2009 should be our first next year, should all go according to plan.

And, last but not least, the fourth update~! Zos Kias has officially opened its 6th contest! The theme is “Favorite Couple.” Go check out the main site or the contest thread for more information. I hope to get alot of entries. Get to work and have fun~!

That's all the news for this week. I'll update again next week!
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