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Sixteen-month update.
aquapermanence at 8:39AM, March 8, 2010
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It's gotten warm enough during the day to open some windows. Thank goodness. I don't like having to trade between cold and stuffy.

Hollywood Video is closing every single store in my area. This was something that had started a couple years ago, with stores gradually disappearing and selling off everything on their shelves. This would open up, for very brief periods, lots of rare or less-known titles. The thing is, when you've got a movie backlog like I do, it's a crazy balancing act between being selective and potentially regretting never being able to see something again. Such as Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter.

Chapter 6 is posted in its entirety. Chapter 9 is drawn.


Time elapsed since comic debut (1/1/2009): 431 days.
Pages posted: 171.
Average days per page: 2.52.

Time elapsed since start of work (10/26/2008): 498 days.
Pages planned: 391 (53.4%) (1.27 days per page)
Pages sketched: 255 (34.8%) (1.95)
Pages drawn: 255 (34.8%) (1.95)
Pages complete: 190 (26.0%) (2.62)
Pages posted: 171 (23.4%)

24 units completed this month is not much at all. The comic is 37% complete, which means 44 months total, of which 28 remain. What's completed so far of chapter 7 will cover the next month of updates, but I need to spend that time working on what's beyond that. Finishing as much as possible of chapters 7, 8, and 9 is the goal. Writing the script for chapter 10 will add a quick 26 units, but since completing pages is the current bottleneck, I've got to make that a priority or pay for it in delays later.
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