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Meet.... Scot the pack rat
Wolf in the Walls at 11:51AM, Dec. 1, 2008
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Before the ‘Incident’ began, Scot was the guy you could go to if you needed anything. New radio? Got it. Tube of red paint? Check. Ice bullets? Of course. Unicorn hair? Not a problem. 10 mgs of morphine? I can do it but I won't like it.

Despite his stoner appearance, Scot is probably the friendliest guy in the group. He and Isobel go way back, living in the same scrappy warehouse.

Scot has come to terms with the ‘Incident’, unfortunately he doesn't have to like it. The idea of monsters walking the street are the things of nightmare, but not as bad as being alone. Scot hates being on his own.

He will protect the other guys in the group… he's got no one else to turn to.
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