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harkovast at 2:32PM, March 21, 2011
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So a friend of mine has a program to edit magic cards, which we've been using to amuse ourselves with Harkovast related magic the gathering cards.

Now obviously, if you dont play magic the gathering, a lot of this wont mean much too you…but I am sure we are all nerds here!

Me and my friends have been playing our own variation of Magic, based sort of on The Elder Dragon Highlander rules, which we call “Hero Magic”.
These cards were made to be the Hero for their respective decks, meaning they can always be put into play and and the deck is geared to work around them.

Sir Muir uses madness to play knights…makes sense when you think about it!
He is white (because he is a knight), red (because he is bold and agressive) and black (because he bears so much grief and suffering.)
Also that colour combination works really well for a discarding madness knight deck!

Scatterpod enhances all your efforts to replay dead characters, and becomes even more powerful when working with Shamans.

Quinn-Tain is colourless, but not an artifact.
The Keyword sun burst means he gets a +1/+1 counter for every colour of mana used when you play him, making him a 5/5 if you use all the colours.

Shogun is the basis of a bad ass samurai deck.

Diabolical scheme tokens….awesome.

Finally, here are a couple of cards from characters who have yet to appear, a little taster of things to come. The pictures are obviously not from the comic (cause I have not drawn these characters yet!) but they might give some insight…

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Renard at 6:36PM, March 21, 2011
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I'm going to assume that Giraffe was made by the Lel. I can't wait for them to feature in the plot, I look forward to seeing what kind of technology they have.
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Canuovea at 8:16PM, March 21, 2011
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Interesting thing about those stupid gladiator helmets… They were actually designed to impair a gladiator's fighting ability. Guess it could be more entertaining that way. Just… so long as Praetor Dominus doesn't end up with one!
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