Ultimate Clicky List of All Mafia Games
Niccea at 9:58AM, March 10, 2010
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PP decided to make an epic ‘clicky’ list of every mafia game ever made.

DrunkDuck Mafia! By Black Kitty. The one that started it all.

Mafia II - The Expanded Edition. By Humorman. Classic game.

Mafia III - Revenge of the Godfather. By Niccea. Classic game.

Mafia IV - Mafia Harder. By the2ndredbaron. Classic game.

Mafia V - The Don's Return. By Hakoshen. Classic Game (this one's was a bitch to find, cause it was stashed somewhere in general discussion).

Mafia VI - Rise of the syndicate. By Product Placement. Classic Game.

Mafia VII - Reverse Mafia By Niccea. Assisted by Product Placement. Roles reversed. Good guys are trying to take over a town controlled by Mafia.

Mafia VIII - Battle for Hark's soul. By Harkovast. Psycho/dream theme game where everything took place in Hark's head.

Mafia IX - Journey to Far away-ia. By crocty. A dinosaur themed mafia.

Mafia X - Returning to the Classics. By TheFlyingGreenMonkey. Classic game.

Mafia XI - They did the Mash. By Product Placement The first recruiting style game (monster themed).

Mafia XII - Legend of Townstonia. By Salsa. Medieval theme.

Mafia XIII - Heaven or Hell. By Product Placement A modified recruiting style game (Angels vs Demons).

Mafia XIV. By humorman. Classic game (humorman used this game as an excuse to be a troll which caused him to be permbanned from the game (it's a long story)). We had our own narrative competition to make up for his.

Mafia XV “Topsy Turvy”. By TheFlyingGreenMonkey. EVERYONE GETS A GUN!!! A classic game with the twist that all the townies got killing powers and the mafia members got pro-town abilities like the medic and detective powers on top of their killing powers.

Mafia XVI - District Townston. By ParkerFarker. Two mafia gangs, fighting for power.

Mafia XVII - The Madness Continues. By Product Placement A classic game with the twist where everyone got a role (no normal townies (made up lots of crazy roles for that one ^^)).

Mafia XVIII - This is Halloween. By Rokulily. Second monster themed recruiting style game.

Mafia XIX - The Anime Convention. By By Hakoshen. Cosplayers vs Sci-fi nerds.

Mafia XX - The Book of Foreshadowing. By therealtj. Classic game with the twist where books of power can be exchanged between players.

Mafia XXI - Battle of the Gods!. By GarBonzo Bean. Greek Mythology themed mafia. Gods vs Titans.

Mafia XXII - Mystery Mafia. By Niccea. Classic game with the twist where all roles are hidden from players during the first turn.

Mafia XXIII - Back to the Basics. By Product Placement Classic game (apart from the ball hat man role ^^).

Mafia XXIV - Wild Wild West edition. By Salsa. Wild West themed.

Mafia XXV - TIME RAMPAGE! By TheFlyingGreenMonkey. Semi recruiting game. Time travel themed.

Mafia XXVI - The Guild Wars!!! By Randomdudeperson. Grid based game. Players spend actions patrolling areas, instead of attacking players. Opposing players that encounter each other in the same area end up fighting. Nicknamed “The confusing game”.

Mafia XXVII - The Infection of Townston By jninjashadow. Zombies are taking over Townston.

Mafia XXVIII - Mafia NOIR By Kroatz. Dramatic “noir” theme.

Mafia XXIX: Heroes of townstoria By same. Medieval theme + Demons.

Mafia XXX: Total War by Zeph. The Crimson and the Obsidian armies are at war. There are no neutrals!

Mafia XXXI: Kicking It Old School by Niccea. Classic game.

Mafia XXXII: Anarchy in Townston by Product Placement. Classic game, but there are is no mayor or pardoner.

Mafia XXXIII: Back in Business by Same. Classic game.

Mafia XXXIV: Marvel vs DC by Kroatz Marvel characters were townies. DC characters were mafia. And Hellboy (Dark Horse) was a serial killer.

Mafia XXXV: Babes, Booze, and Bullets by jninjashadow A real classic game set in the 20s. Added some appropriate roles like Flapper and Bootlegger.

Mafia XXXVI: Trick or Townston Also referred to as Trick or Treat. A monster mash format with the added twist of a everyone being child and the game just being pretend. And a “serial killer.” Zoinks! It was Old Man Jenkins.

Mafia XXXVII: The Madness Never Ends by Product Placement - Semi-classic where everyone gets a role.

Mafia XXXVIII: Revenge of the Spanish Mongoose Venom By: TheFlyingGreenMonkey - Reprisal of Hark's game only in TheFlyingGreenMonkey's head. Cats versus things cats hate.

Mafia XXXIX: The Return to Townston Tradition by: seventy2 - Classic game

Mafia XL: Bigger is Better by: Product Placement - PETA member/vegetarians versus the heads of fast food chains.

Mafia XLI: Crash Landing by: Salsa - Space battle in New Townston (a colony on a distant planet) between the Humanity Union Meta Bureau of Unlimited Gruesomeness and the Federal Republics of Orion.

Mafia XLII: Due to a numbering error, there was no 42nd game. It was jokingly referred to as Zeph's secret game. Until… Mafia XXXXII: The Forgotten Year - This game was run after XLIV and is about the town trying to regain the lost year that Same “misplaced.” Classic game with some name changes and role tweaks.

Mafia XLIII: Super Mafio Brothers and the Legend of Mega Fantasy Castle by: Same - A video game themed mafia.

Mafia XLIV: The Re-deadening by: jninjashadow. Another zombie game.

Mafia XLV: Return to Townstonia by: Salsa. A reverse mafia game that takes place in medieval Townstonia.

“The GM Club” - list of players who have been GM and how often they've run a game.
Product Placement - 8 times.
Niccea - 5 times.
TheFlyingGreenMonkey - 4 times.
Salsa - 4 times.
same - 3 times.
jninjashadow - 3 times.
Kroatz - 2 times.
Hakoshen. - 2 times.
Zeph - 2 times.
Black Kitty - 1 time.
The2ndredbaron - 1 time.
Harkovast - 1 time.
Crocty - 1 time.
ParkerFarker - 1 time.
Rokulily - 1 time.
Therealtj - 1 time.
GarBonzo Bean - 1 time.
Randomdudeperson - 1 time.
seventy2 - 1 time.

(Humorman also hosted 2 games, but he was kecked out of the club)
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