Game 4 Narratives
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Since we have trouble keeping up with games. I decided to release all narratives for games from now on.


They walked into the bar. The cigar smoke still strong and the smell of cheap booze hung heavy in the air. The two junior members walked in first making sure it was safe. Following them was the mad bomber playing with his toys. Lastly the Goon and the Don entered. The Don pointed at a place for the Goon to stand, and with a grunt the Goon obeyed. The Don walked over to the corner both saw it was occupied and set down. Across from him was an old man wearing a nice suit. Almost as nice as the Don’s.
“So,” spoke the Don, “you have it I presume?”
The old man looked at the Don and pointed towards the case before him, “You know the price, one life!” Pulling out a piece of paper and a pen the man placed them before the Don. “Sign please.”
The Don wrote on the paper and slide it back across the table. Grabbing the case the Don opened it to find a small box.
The old man smiled, “It belonged to a young woman, named Pandora.”
The Don Smiled, “I know, it was well worth the trade.” Then the Don opened the box.
Outside the bright sunny day turned to night.

In another part of town the rest of the citizens were gathered inside town hall. They had spent the day trying to elect a new mayor. Crocty was in the lead at this point and everything had been going fine. Then a shadow started falling on the crowd. They turned and saw that the sun was going down, that ahead of schedule the night had arrived. It seem though that Crocty had won the election by a technicality as the first day was now over. As the citizens walked outside to see what had happen the felt a cold wind begin to blow. From the dark sky above snow begun to fall, it seem that winter had come to the town.
Day One is Over

Crocty is now Mayor!

Night One Has Begun!

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Night One Narrative
The snow continued to fall.
“Where did that squirrel get to!” Said Waff as he searched around in his box. “I know I left it in here.” Oh silly Waff, as the rest of the town had gone indoors to stay warm, as the snow was getting pretty thick, Waff said bah and went into his alleyway. Finally finding his squirrel he placed it in it's seat and set down next to it. On the box before them was a delicious meal of COCA-COLA and SWANSON TV DINNERS.
“Breakfast for dinner I thought only I loved COCA-COLA and SWANSON TV DINNERS that much.” Said a man stepping out of the shadows. He raised a pistol and pointed it at Waff.
“Riefensthal!” Spoke Waff, bits of SWANSON TV DINNERS falling out of his mouth, “I thought you were dead!’
“I told you I was alive.” Said the man as he fired his gun.

Waff the townie is dead.

FlapJack1995 was busy getting the office ready for the town’s new mayor. “I got to make sure everything is nice and neat for my new boss!” He said. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. “Who could it be? It is so late.” As FlapJack1995 open the door a knife slide into him.
“Yorick.” Spoke the killer. “Tell them that I am coming.”
“But I don’t want to go to the undiscovered country!” Yelled FlapJack1995 before he collapsed on the floor.

FlapJack1995 the Mayor’s Aid is dead.

Day Two has Begun!

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Day TWO is Over!

The town gathered around the platform. The all huddled together to stay warm as the snow fell. They watched as Blitz was put in place on the platform, the rope slipped around his neck. As it was being tighten the Mayor steeped forward to address the crowd. “As we gather here today let us hope that we have not acted in hast. Let us hope that the life we take today helps us. As we stand together as a town, let blitz’s body be the mortar that binds us together!”
Some applauded, some just awkwardly looked around. The Mayor turned to Blitz and asked if he had any last words.
“Let my death help those I leave the behind!” Bravely spoke Blitz. Then the doors opened and his body dropped with a sickening crack Blitz neck broke. And he was no more.

Blitz the Townie was dead.


Don't forget everyone night actions happen to me in order sent.

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Night Two is Over

Leader of Stars was watching Frank and Vinny on tv. Suddenly a knock on his door interrupted his show. “Whoa,” he said, “uncool.” He got up and opened the door to find no one there. Not really caring he shut the door and turned around to find a man standing in his room.
“Dude, Luz Long, I thought you lost?” Said LOS.
“I just didn’t get the gold.” Shrugged the man while grabbing LOS and throwing him over a balcony.
As LOS fell to his death he yelled out, “I thought you were a cool cat!”

With a splat LOS the Townie was killed.

“But I just was freed why would you come after me!” Yelled Product Placement as he ran down an alley. “I just want to live.”
“Sorry someone is paying me good money to make sure your dead. And I like money.” Said the figure chasing PP.
“But I though Pysch Majors where above money!” said PP as he tripped and fell.
“Oh I do suppose I enjoy a good mystery every now and then.” Said the figure as PP was stabbed. And Stabbed. And stabbed. Jeez I think he is dead.
“Shut up Narrator!” Yelled the figured as PP lay bleeding on the floor.

Product Placement, the Townie, was stabbed a bunch of times and died.

Crocty was sitting in his office signing papers and eating his nightly Bagel. He sighed at his work load. “The job of the Mayor is never done.” When suddenly a bright red light appeared on his head. “What is this mysterious light?” Pondered Crocty. Suddenly a shot rang out and a bullet hit Crocty right in the head. Crocty fell to the floor. Thank goodness Crocty was wearing his helmet or else that bullet would have killed him. Oh, wait a minute he wasn’t wearing his helmet. Well that sucks. The bullet did kill Crocty.
From across the street and man in darkness said “Got him that time, practice makes perfect.”

Crocty the Mayor is dead.

Dukat the Paramedic was running across town after being told by Crocty to go protect someone else. Dukat turned the corner and suddenly was pounced on by someone else.
“Genndy Tartakovsky?” asked Dukat.
“Not really.” Said the person before he stabbed poor Dukat in the face.

Dukat the Paramedic is dead.

Harkovast knew he shouldn’t go out tonight but he heard that there was a deal going on at the corner store. He walked into the shop and saw a sign saying FREE SODA. Grabbing a sprite he walked up to the counter.
“Free soda, that’s random. “Said Hark.
“So is this.” Said the mafia guy disguised as a worker in the corner store as he pulled out a gun and shot Harkovast.

Harkovast the Paranoid is dead.

EDITED for got a piece of the narrative. Sorry Everybody.

Remember no Dead Talking.
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Day Three Is Over

As Ozone the new Mayor of the town stands atop the lynch platform he prepares himself to address the crowd of people. As he gets ready to speak his aid hands him a note.
“Oh,” says Ozone, “Looks like the double lynch was called off. Guess I'll see everyone tomorrow.” And with that Ozone walks into the Mayors office.


Night 3 has begun
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Niccea the townie was walking along the streets of the town, when all of a sudden Gullas, who had highjacked a city bus drove into her smashing her to bits! Gullas the Vigilante got out of the truck and saw it was Niccea he had hit. “You’re mob right?” ask Gullas.
Niccea in her last breath just looked up and said “I really hate you!” and then died. Behind Gullas someone said, “I hate you 1505 times more!” and shot Gullas in the neck. “Great,” said the mobster, “You got my boomers bloody.”
Niccea the townie is dead. So is Gullas the vig.

Prodecut Pacement the zombie was shuffling along not doing much of anything when a man strolled out of darkness and said “Cool a random battle.” He pulled out a gun and shot the zombie leg. “Oh, not very effective. Well time for my limit break!” Said the mobster. And with that he pulled out a shotgun and blew Humor Mans head off, cause really that is the only way you can kill a zombie.

Product Placement is now dead. Again.

Harkovast was sitting in his coffin trying to trying to figure out what was going on. He open the coffin door only to find the Godfather behind it. “You!” said a surpise Harkovast, “I thought you were a decent person! How many have you killed!”
“Only one so far.” Said the Godfather, “But I plan on getting six trophies!”
“But I thought you didn’t kill?” Said Harkovast lying in his coffin
“Random isn’t it?” said the Godfather shooting Hark.
Harkovast is dead. Also again.

Hakoshen woke up with a sigh only to find a the head of Vodka the horse in his bed. Complete afraid his powers, if he has any, are useless until tomorrow.

Crocty was walking along singing about how happy he was to be
alive again even if he was kinda a zombie. Untill someone pounced on him from the darkness and stabbed him to death with a pair of boobs. Crocty’s last words “Totally worth it!”
Crocty is dead. You know the drill.

NIGHT 3 IS OVER. DAY FOUR has begun!

By my count it is a tie. It is a tie even if they are nine people left. If you have questions as how that is possible to bad. I can only tell the mayor or the godfather.
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