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Who's Your Favorite Doctor?
theBSDude at 2:53PM, Feb. 24, 2009
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Pretty obvious topic, yeah, but somebody had to do it. Just post the name of your favorite cast member and tell why you like ‘em.

I’ll kick it off.
Mori's my favorite, ‘cause he’s a badass scientist.
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Legolos229 at 4:37PM, Feb. 24, 2009
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Look at my avatar and take a Guess.

Anyone who has seen the comic for a while knows that my 2 favorite cast members are:

>:)Total Baddass Mage Sarin & Assasin for Hire:neenjah:/Tree Maiden… Person…. Alright Tanica

Yep its a dead tie.:kitty:

Sarin: Like I said a complete and total Baddass Mage. Besides that he is :dizzy: crazy in a way that makes it funny and constantly keeps the other Doctors on their toes.

Tanica: Alright, she may have origionally been an enemy…. and try to KILL SARIN:mad:…. But she has really fleshed out revealing that although she may have origionally been a pawn when given the chance she could have been a very key player in the whole buisiness. She is very smart or at least good at strategy and war games (especially if that was Go that they were playing.)
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M_Northstar at 2:32PM, Feb. 25, 2009
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I like all the Doctors, but Mori's methodical, ambitious way to attack problems appeals to me immensely.

Next is Kili, strangely for the exact opposite reason. Mori's approach is a logical, scientific one, which works best for facts and material concerns. Kili is a more spiritual person, concerned with emotions and the deeper truths of the human conditions.

I'm undecided between Goro and Sarin. I like Goro for the dark and brutal streak of pragmatism in her that is the hallmark of people who really, really care, and Sarin for her streak of flippant irreverence, that is the hallmark of people who've been there, made the mistakes, and know that in the darkest of times, the greatest sin is still to lose hope. I love all of them, really, Mori and Kili are simply the ones I most closely identify with.
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Darius Drake at 3:23PM, March 17, 2009
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I like Tanica as my favorite, mostly because she is the character with the most potential, the least developed character, so to speak. While bits of her personality have been displayed, the vast majority is hidden by the fact that she's a tree and thus can't interact in most situations.

After that, I like Kili, mostly because of the fact that she is essentially a psychologist who recognizes her own psychological problems. Yes, she is other things too, but I feel that her main job is to be the Doctor's psychologist. And she doesn't use those stupid ink splotches that are stereotyped with psychologists, preferring to actually, *fake gasp*, talk to the person about themselves.
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Tssha at 10:22AM, March 18, 2009
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I'll start with Mori, since I've always had a soft spot for the scientist types. The ones who never stop asking questions, and always want an answer to their perpetual unasked question: why?

Plus, she's the leader and I've always identified with leadership types.

Next, I'd say Sarin since her attitude is, frankly, what I like best about her. She's honest and direct, and I've always admired that. She's usually right more often than she's wrong too.

Energy and exuberance. Introversion and inquisitiveness. Two very different people, two very different reasons for liking them.

And the reason I call Mori “her” is because I feel that's kind of where her identity is still in her mind (though she's accepted her new form, I think she'd go back in a heartbeat), while Sarin I call “her” since Sarin pretty much can deal with whatever – and whoever – she is. She's spent enough time in various forms that he's used to this kind of change. Mori isn't.

It most certainly doesn't have anything to do with being biased toward liking the feminine aspects of their personalities, no no no. >:)

And yes, I'll change pronouns whenever I want, in mid-sentence if I feel like it. :P
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Baphomet at 6:20PM, July 14, 2009
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Tough choice. >>
I like them all, really. But if I had to choose, it'd be Goro. Oh, geez, Goro.
The ‘awesome surgeon’ part really clinched it for me. She's just so….nyeh. X3; You get it. She's funny most of the time, and she tends to just put things so bluntly you can't help but laugh. But yeah. Sarin is a close second, because she reminds me so much of so many people in my band…<<'
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Shin Majin at 6:36PM, Aug. 12, 2009
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I think I can single out my fave as Kili. Her gentle, empathetic (is that the right word?) nature really shows, and contrasts well with the other characters.

The others are a bit of a mized bag to me, though Goro would probably be a somewhat distant second favorite.
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