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Welcome to 1One!


Not much to say now as this comic has just been created.

This is a story that has been constlantly in my mind since I was about 10. Maybe even younger. Say…8? It has had many incarnations. It started off as a novel where I was the main character. I felt this story could only be expressed in pictures so it became a comic.
The novel was like some kind of uber fanfic crossover in a time when I didn't even know what fanfiction was. I wanted to get famous off it. Over the years some of the ideas of the story have been dumped (Expecially the Uber-fanfiction idea. Lawsuit anyone?) it has been set in a variety of places, starting off in New Zealand, expanding to an alternate Universe, shrinking down to a Galaxy before finally shrinking back to (once again) New Zealand.
The story is now set in New Zealand, Isreal and a few other places I may have made up. Many of the characters were dumped, merged togeather with other ones, replaced by new ones and other new characters have been added. Some characters that have been dumped are still greatly missed. I would very much like to ressurect them in some way.
The story has gone through many names. In its comic form it became “Felin” or “Planets of Felin”, then after my hiatus and massive re-writing I deleted it and made another called 1ONE. The decision to have the story with a young man as the main was also a massive change. His hairstyle, colour, origins and even name have changed constantly.
The story went from Narnia like, to a Lord of the Rings epic involving some random key thad had to be destroyed (I still have no idea what the hell that key did), to a multi-planet Star Wars Sci-fi (Planets of Felin) and now 1One. Through all these changes one thing has remained: Influences from my ‘religion’ (or very interestin friendship as I now call it). I am not the only one writing this. There is another out there that I am doing this for. Now the story is heavily based on it. There is some inspiration from Dante's Devine Comedy.
Other things that has remained through all the changes: Beast the Dragonine, a large T-Rex shaped creature with gigantic wings, golden fur, cat-like head, and two sets of tusks. He will probably dumped if I cannot find a place for him. I will be sad to see him go, he is a very nice monster. Another is the Princess Anastasia who started off as my own mary-sue/self insert. I seperated her and now she is her own character. She has a massive part in the story line so she is staying for good.
The last thing: The cat character. He's the comedy releif. He's funny with a whiny voice and talks like someone from a ganster movie (something I actually worked into the story eventually). He started off as my old cat Blacky. I kept adding more and more cats to his team. I gave him a girlfriend and even added my other cat, Meowth (who was represented as a mute, stupid fat cat with gigantic ears he could almost fly with). Then I merged Blacky and Meowth togeather. I will probably make him a completly different cat and I had to change his name (Once again: Lawsuit!)

And that is most of the history I can remember of making this giganticly epic story. There are so many parts to it I don't know how I am going to organise them. This story is going to take years to complete I just know it. And I have never gotten past the second chapter.

“Not much to say now as this comic has just been created.” I said. So much for that. If that is ‘not much’ then how much would I have writen if I said ‘very much’?? I usually have trouble writing more than two lines.
Did you actually read all that? Seriously? You should take up reading novels. That's a really fun thing to do. I would write one for you. Oh wait! I nearly did! Ha! Well I don't trust my spelling let alone my novel writing skills so I write webcomics.

So if you really want to take up novel reading with this story I hope you will settle for a webcomic. The art isn't very much like Leanardo Da Vinci's. It's more like a silly catoon (I am always improving). The spelling and grammar isn't to great either. In fact, right now it is not a human typing this. In a far too small house somewhere in New Zealand sits a retarded crack addicted chimp sitting at a laptop typing this very blog entry. This is a very amature webcomic, not an University paper.

BZ talks too much. STFU BZ!


- There have been many chages to this story.
- This is a really cool webcomic. Read and fave plz?
- BZ cent speel.
- BZ is very hairy and retarded.
- BZ writes too much but doesn't trust her skills enough to write a novel.
- Even the TD;LR is too damn long!
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