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Chapter 1 is done!
Draven_Xero at 9:55AM, Jan. 17, 2010
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Finally finished chapter one today…and I'm not too terribly upset with the overall work. It could have probably been a hell of alot better, but then, it could have been alot worse too, since this is my first comic done entirely alone. The thing of it is, I'm not sure about the next chapter…

See, a very long time ago, I was involved in a comic-type project with some buddies of mine. The alien emperium and the super team Xardio were created back then, and although we were damn proud of em at the time, it all got discontinued. Now I'm bringing both back within the universe of Strange Haze, but there's been several changes all around. Design changes, as well as add-ins that never existed before they were brought up in SH (namely, the short green dudes, as well as another species of alien that hasn't been shown yet), have for the most part been positive, and yet…I'm still not that great at designing technology, even if it's bs tech for my comic.

So, yeah…I'm a bit worried about how chapter two's gonna come out. Here's hopin' y'all stay with me for the ride while I get through this mess.

-C. Wesley M. Rhea
-Strange Haze
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