Rules and regulations(?) of Cameo Requests!
Zerolimits at 1:53PM, June 21, 2010
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.Ok for starters I may or may not get to all the cameos that I receive, so sorry if I don't but I will try.
.Try to only send 1 character, if you send more then 1, ill cameo the first one listed before the other ones unless its a special case.
.Try to keep them within the novice-2nd class range, i have very few trans and 3rd class that actually show up in the comic, but if you do send me a trans, ill think about it, as for 3rd class ill think less on it
.If your character has a back story feel free to add it! Keep it short though, I don't want to be reading pages and pages of background stuff when your cameo will only be in a few updates
.Lastly, feel free to add anything on your characters!! Diff hat gear.. new hairs..(btw if you give me a char with diff hair, i would prob need a sprite sheet but I'll let you know if anything) or whatever

If there are any other questions, just leave it here and I'll try to answer!
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