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A sort of determined break has been determined.
Avarail at 12:08AM, May 8, 2011
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So I'm taking a break from this comic. Actually I've been taking a break for the past 6 weeks, that's how far ahead I was, ah hah ha! It first started as a two week break. I painted stuff, it was fun. Then I made a new page. But I just never got back into it. I blame my other project which is more or less my life's work. I've been on that a lot longer than Axis. And it feels so much more comfortable I suppose. But enough about that, we're here for Axis. I really love what I've made here, you guys haven't even seen a fraction of what I have planned. I will be picking this back up again, no doubt. I have so much I want to see and share.
I'm still not really even close to as good as I want as far as art. I've gotten better since the start…but I expect and want too much. Bah. Maybe someday kid! I don't feel well anyway. I'm still going to try to finish one more page regardless. I can't leave this story unfinished after all. It's probably not going to be on time though. I'll post it on the official Axis facebook which is 100% bare and naked, swoo! I'll spiff it up sometime. I've been extremely lazy lately.
Here is the link in case one of the two readers who will see this want to remain on the ball.
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