News for the week of August 22nd~!
Kojika at 4:17PM, Aug. 23, 2011
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Well, the pages were a bit delayed, cause of my exhaustion. Go figure, the closet con I'll ever get to home, and I was so caught up with preparing for it, and running all the events I did at it, that I got like no sleep. I had no energy Sunday when I got home, so I just tried not to fall asleep on Kotarou while we watched Ghost Hunt XD
Anyways, the pages are up, and a new chapter has begun~!  Part 2 of the Cat and Mouse storyline. Just a heads up, it's three chapters long, lol. Did ya'll notice the new character?  Courtesy of my friend Sarah~ I'll dig out her link and credits to post next time.
Only a couple weeks left to bid on Tessa! Don't forget to get your bid in~!
That's all for now though, see you next week!

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