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Artist(s) wanted for collaboration.
neilbeforezod at 6:35AM, Oct. 29, 2011
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Hi,I have completed scripts for a few comic projects and no longer have an artist to work with. If you're interested in developing any of the following with me, with a view to submitting them to publishers, please reply, or email me at neiljhoward@gmail.com1. Precious Gunmetal. Formerly a webcomic of mine, for which I no longer have an artist. I'm looking to reboot it as a graphic novel serial. Lots of characters in this one: Intertwining stories of characters forced to rebel against a crazed psychotic leader. Steampunk elements.2. The Bloody Spectacles. A Jack the Ripper-esque murder mystery. Dark, character-based with a twist in the tale.3. S.O.S. Still working on this one. A facility in which a group of military and civilian characters remotely controlling military robots is destroyed. As each character could see, hear and feel what the robot could, they can't be sure if their bodies were destroyed and the robots downloaded some form of their consciousness, or if somewhere their bodies are still alive in suspension. 4. O'Brass. This is a simple, three-panel funny strip about a guy who inherits his grandfather's sarcastic, stuck-up robot butler.If you'd like synopses of each, example scripts, any questions, etc., send me an email.Neil.

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