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[PLUG] autumnBlood
HabilisOrian at 7:46PM, Oct. 30, 2011
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Hey Cooks n Spooks!
I'm here to tell YOU about a pretty rad little horror/adventure comic I've created called autumnBlood. This project started back in 2007 and I wasn't pleased with the intial run. In terms of writing and my drawing abilities at the time. BUT now it's back and I'm aiming for a fresh start (reboot).
.// Synopsis
Imagine that you're back in high school and your name is Chuck. You're a pretty average guy, nothing particular interesting about you. You're a clutz, you have but only one real friend, and you're a bit dorky. But just like every other average guy, you've got a “thing” for a hottie that's out of your league. You finally muster up the courage to go and ask her out and….you SUCCEED…but your best buddy tells you he needs you to break into a library tonight. WHY? He doesn't say but he only trusts you for “the job”.
You both get in, he tells you to wait for him while he does what “he needs to do”. You wander off and find a strange glowing book—like an idiot you open it. BAD IDEA CHUCK. Everything starts to warp around you, the glow becomes even brighter and YOU get sucked into the book!
You are suddenly transported to another WORLD! Smack dab in the middle of a “hunt”. You meet pirate, Spamacky and mage, Buck who tell you to run for your life. You don't know why BUT you run. You just want to get back home but there's no way out now. As you flee with your new found cohorts, Spamacky exclaims that they'll try to find you a way home but they have to get some “things” out of the way first.
What lies in store for you? Can you REALLY trust a pirate's word? Only one way to find out!
TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT, ready yourself for the premiere of autumnBlood!
Regular updates will take place EVERY Monday and Friday!!

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