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Proposition to something Insane (Artist & Writers Wanted)
DreamFog at 7:46PM, Nov. 7, 2011
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I'll admit this idea is rather…ambitious if not rather convoluted, but hear me out. I have an idea for something almost bordering on Tournament-esque that I would like to run by to all who gander at this thread. Here is the breakdown.
Intro: Everything is peaceful. Everything is orderly. Everything is serene.
An Artist (Yours truly) is bored of this.
So what is the answer of a deranged, despotic, thing of a man who holds waaay too much power and ma-er, penguin-power to this question?
Why, start a Trans-dimensional War of course! Unleashing used and  unused characters that now have the goal of only destruction, carnage, and all kinds of chaos to liven things up all through time, space, and genre.
Rules and Layout: Probably lost some of you with that egotistical start and odd set up and, but for those still reading the following should clear a few things up:
First up, this won't be a “My character is awesomer than yours I win the fight” type of dealy, which is why I said it was only Tounament-esque. Each little battle will be scripted, complete with a set up to the confrontation and a character's defeat, victory, or draw planned out or nearly so. I just wanted to get that out of the way beforehand.
The characters used can be from your own existing comic that have been established, come from the universe of your comic, or (if you don't have an established comic or just don't feel like using them) a totally new one. If a new one is used, please display its information prior to its use so other Artist and Writers (including myself) can get a feel for them, even basic information would be nice. Please refrain from using other artist's characters unless given consent by said artist.
The Skinny-
Now then, here is how it should play out; An Artist and *Me (*Or someone else, I'll explain a bit later) decide on a character(s), location, and scenario. This will be considered an Arc, one of many which will ultimately lead to what I hope is a spectacular finish. This Arc might be split up due to its contents, for I am hoping to have more than just ‘Find each other and kill try to kill the jerk’. Perhaps it could hold a epic battle filled with minions and lackeys from both sides on a open battlefield? Perhaps a game of cat and mouse in a futuristic city? Perhaps a slapstick pie fight that occurred during a sci-fi convention? Whatever the content the main theme will be one artist trying to stop the other from unleashing chaos (How they define the word ‘chaos’ strictly up to them). The tale of the two characters (armies,etc.) meeting can end in one Arc or, if a draw or such, be continued in a later Arc.
By now I'm hoping people catch on that it won't just be me strictly trying to screw up everything. While I'm sure there are some who want to protect peace and order, there are just as many of you out there who want to kafudge everything and everyone in a square radius of pie to the extreme. This shouldn't be constricted, so if two artist have things set up for there own little Arc I say go for it.
Medieval, futuristic, modern. Location and character don't matter as long as they are ok'ed by both Artist. Established universes are also find, be it their own little slice of dimensional goodness or even a famous one (Star Wars, LoTR, etc.). Just get consent where consent is do.
Your artistic don't have to be top notch, but lets avoid stick figures at least shall we?
At this point I shouldn't even need to say this with all I stressed before about it being scripted and such. Sadly, some people need this second reminder even if this is just a comic. No Godmoding.
Conclusions: Well, thats the bare bones of this little idea I have. I'd love to get some feedback, suggestions, and any hint of interest to this. I won't lie and say there is a good chance even if this does gain interest and some momentum it won't fall flat near the beginning with how these things can usually be, but I'm hoping it will be no matter what happens it will be fun at least to watch it flail about.
Call Me Tom at 2:56PM, Nov. 10, 2011
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Well now I am interested by the sound of this.
DreamFog at 8:18AM, Nov. 14, 2011
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Yeesh, the first post is what I get for trying to write it up after a 3 hour class, but I guess it my point across. To sum this up to its barest, its a Fightsplosion (I noticed these afterwards) with branching stories within a main story…plot…thing.
There are a few things I want to add and revise to my orignal post, but those can wait now until I can get a good grasp on the whos (or whats) I'll be working with. On that note;
Hello Tom, glad to someone take an interest in this little project and if you happen to know some people who would at least take a glance at the concept prod them over in this direction. I'm hoping to get a few pilot pages done and up soon so perhaps it might give others more incentive to turn this way. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.
DreamFog at 9:01PM, Nov. 28, 2011
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This Thanksgiving wasn't as nearly as productive as I wanted it to be…..of course what Thanksgiving is?

I've done a little work on the opening (Hoping that will shake a few undecided out), but most everything else was concept doodles and, er, well nothing. There was a loooot of turkey involved in my lack of work ethic. >.>
Genejoke at 5:19AM, Nov. 29, 2011
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With something like this often the best way to get started and gain interest is to make a start and let people see how it works.  I'm watching to see how it develops but unable to help right now.
RPGgrenade at 6:49AM, Nov. 29, 2011
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maybe i just totally blanked out when reading but is this sort of thing going to be drawn? or is it going to be written out? (i'm assuming drawn because it's comics and such) Also even if it's scripted does that mean the pages alternate between artists? or do they mostly draw when they're own character is in it more?

And finally… none of my characters can do any fighting like epic battles >.< most of them are bartenders for pete's sake XD

The liquid creations of Gods passed down to man, but sometimes an object of the gods' realm can cause chaos in the mortal realm.
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DreamFog at 5:30PM, Dec. 1, 2011
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I really need to edit my first post. I'll get on it as when I'm not in class though…
Bad enough I'm doing a few of the pages in class now while typing this. >.>

Sadly Gene I cannot truly demonstrate how this works to people because there is a lack of people to test with. Spending money to earn money without money leaves me to resort to connin-er, I mean having people take a chance on this. Perhaps a test run of how its going to work when I'm done the intro pages, but either way that idea would need to be pushed back for just right now.

And yes RPG, this will be drawn. Sounds almost pen and paper Roleplayish, but I assure you I did post in the right place.

… -checks forum name-

Yes, it is….Anyway, the pages will alternate between artist. As for being ‘scripted’ (I really need to edit that damn post), think of it more of an outline and guidelines established between the artist to follow so nothing gets out of hand, but they still have some freedom in what to draw. As for your bartender character I did say a battle of slapstick works too. Different characters have a different way of doing things. Creating a new character for just for this project is fine too (As noted in first post). 
Kou the Mad at 7:29PM, Dec. 1, 2011
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i can't draw but i have a character in mind for this……can i have him int his tournament? (need someone to draw him for me (gotta a description for him if you need me describe him)
also, will there be a story to the tournament? Like the Law of Talos on deviant art? (In that, everyone was fighting for the prize, which would be to grant the winner a wish.)
RPGgrenade at 7:40AM, Dec. 2, 2011
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honestly i like the idea of all this, but i just don't have the time to do anything with it right now, I've got like a million art jobs i'm not getting paid for already, i don't think i could handle even a single more.
Also my bartenders fight with ‘Cocktail Battles’ which basically needs an unbiased judge and two fighters making a cocktail, the better cocktail wins, but it's hard to find a judge that's any good. It's mostly a psychological battle up until the tasting which is like the final blow, the competitors tend to notice what the other guy is doing, if it's suprising to them they'll hesitate on their own drink and so on and so forth. I can't really explain better than that.

The liquid creations of Gods passed down to man, but sometimes an object of the gods' realm can cause chaos in the mortal realm.
Read Nectar of the Gods!
AlceX at 9:56AM, Dec. 2, 2011
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This sounds pretty interesting. I'd love to join or help.
@Kou the Mad: You know, I don't really have any character I want in this. I could perhaps draw yours. Send me a PQ with a description.
DreamFog at 7:19PM, Dec. 6, 2011
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Hey guys, sorry to say this but this idea of mine is going to have tobe put on hold. Sadly, real life have a tendency to throw water on my face.

Water on fire.

The flammable liquid this time around are finals. The woes of being a college student will be hitting me for the next two weeks, then comes Christmas and if you think you think I'm doing anything with that holiday near you can just SHOVE IT UP YOU-er… >_>"

-peers over his shoulder in case of obese men in red suits watching-

You can have a nice day and forget it until next year (I won't have access to a scanner until then anyway you see). So just plot, scheme, and ponder until I return in full. I might give the forum a look through when I get some time, but consider it unlikely. 
Jawa at 12:07PM, Dec. 12, 2011
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I already offered my help by PQ (and maybe I'm reeeally bad at sarcasm, but I think I'm in the project) and wanted to say hello ‘round here.
I volunteered as a writer, mostly ’cause writing is the only thing I can do good enough.
I'd like to start as soon as possible, but it is not an option right now. Anyway, I think this is a great concept, I don't want to ruin it just for being impatient.
What I thought is that, if any artist has signed up, we could make a short generic story, that could fit into the big thing, keeping details apart.
To clarify, I mean a simple battle, avoiding as much plot as possible, just for fun and practice. If that's against the idea of the ‘'something insane’' Dreamfog is writing… Well, it's his story.
Anyone willing to take a try on this thing (unnoficailly)?
I've got my own character, but that's not the point of this, we should use other's characters.
Words die, my friend. But there's always something that remains. Something which is over simple words,and yet it isn't as high as that.Those are traces of imagination. The rest of what the author put into it, and what you did, when your mind gave life to it again. Let imagination rise, let it expand to it's purest form. Be a child again; but yet, so much more. Be an artist.
(A visual artist, of course. I wouldn't talk like that about me)
DreamFog at 3:03PM, Jan. 14, 2012
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-Emerges from a piles of discarded beer bottles, candy wrappers, and mored beer bottles clutching a 360 controller- 

Right then, back to business. During my much needed holiday stupor…..nothing was accomplished!
… :|

Don't worry for those of you who checked to see if this ha died or not. Classes start anew, scanner are accesilbe to me, and I won't be spending all my time in Skyrim as the head of all guilds and owner of all land. Back to the grind means back to drawing. 

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