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In search of artist to choose from my two current projects.
metalheadlouis at 2:57PM, Dec. 24, 2011
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Hey! My name is Louis Monette. I am from Montreal Canada.
Im am currently in the works of 2 ideas. Just a couple of forenotes, i am french, so i am sorry in advance for some errors i might do. Second off my work are usually very character driver or very emotinal driven.
My first project is a Dramatic and somewhat supernatural (not horror).
Title: Private Messages
Sysnopsis: A young man, in his early 20's, one day decides to drive after spending a night with friends drinking. His Best friend decides to jump in with him. Sadly, after couple of bad decisions, the main character gets into a terrible car crash. He his left unscarred. But his best friend goes into a coma and dies couple of weeks after the crash. Main character sadly falls into deep depression, reason of guilt for his bf's death. Not helping all of his friends and even his family and bf's family cuts contact with him. He tries to commit suicide. After failing and months of therapy, he tries a online user to user help site. He fast creates a strong friendship with a user. This user sends him one private message per day encouraging him and helping him slowly and slowly to become less shattered. Main character finds the courage to face all those who blame him and rise up from his past. Only to realise the user helping him, his actually the acount of his best friend that was subscribed on that site for a long time. He realises the user is actually his BF, forgiving him.
2nd project is more of a youth fairytale and fantasie
Title: The lonely Shadow
Synopsis: After a young boy falls deeply ill and falls into a coma (yes i got a thing for storys with comas hehe), his shadow gets seperated from the boy and gets pulled out of the real of normality to be pulled in to the realm of the forgotten. This realm is populated by all that is forgotten. Forgotten ideas, myths,loves,storys etc. The shadow encourters many strange beeings and things, trying to find why he got pulled in this world and how to get back into normality to his boy. His creates unlikely friendships and allies (some in the same type of quest, some because nothing exiting ever happens to them. He eventually finds out that years has passed when the boy finally wakes out of the coma to be now 16 years old. Reason why the shadow was pulled into the world of forgotten was because since the boy never really moved or walked all these years, the shadow never had a chance to grow with the boy and was not needed anymore. And hence a new shadow replaced him when he woke up. He can never come back, but now has found friend in this new world, and decides to make the best of it.

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