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Quack-cast comic audio commercials.
RPGgrenade at 7:37AM, Feb. 3, 2012
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This is a pretty cool idea i had ever since the Duck and Quail thing that was made a while back.

But why don't we try making up commercials for that sort of thing, some people can make it themselves and some people can team up to make commercials for their own comics and stuff if they don't have the means to do so… it's just an idea and that's why it isn't a topic in the community and networking area.

For example I'm thinking up the commercial of my own comic and trying to make it seem interesting, the hard part is finding sound effects, there are plenty of good places, but Bane pointed me to one where i found all the sounds i could possibly need for my own commercial (which I'll be doing myself).

I think this is also a good way to fill in some quackcasts eventually if the topic of discussion isn't well developed or something like that.

Skool said it'd be great to get contributions like the duck and quail one. And I agree, we should do some for ourselves like you guys seem to be doing for the ‘while i was away’ topic thing.

what do you guys think? =D

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Banes at 10:53AM, Feb. 3, 2012
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When doing a webcomic, a creator can do whatever they want. There's no requirement to “sell” the idea to anyone…though a lot of creators want readers, certainly.

I like this idea of making commercials. It makes you think of how to “sell” your comic, to figure out its appeal and find a way to get that across. I'm gonna work on mine, too!

You know, a commercial with VIDEO is quite doable, too. The visual could be anything (stills of the comic in question seems like a good idea).

I've seen some visual comics on youtube that were pretty damn cool.

Hmmm…is there something in that idea that could be applied to the 2012 Radio Play…?
Banes at 10:55AM, Feb. 3, 2012
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“visual comics”?!? What the hell am I talking about?

You know, the camera pans and zooms around a comic page, or panels are revealed one at a time, with sound effects/music/narration happenning.

“Visual comics.” Yeesh.

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