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Looking for a female artist and writer. NSFW webcomic
alessandro at 2:57PM, March 7, 2012
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I am currently looking for a (adult) female artist to edit/ink on sketchy artworks (then I will color so we'll speed up) and write down description for each update.
This project is intended for fun and learning (aka no money): believe me, it will be very challenging draw human proportion with both male and female combined together.
But why woman?
Project is NSFW and this idea is intended for adult reader only
The webcomic is, basically, a kamasutra for gamer. It will depict a couple having sexual intercourse while playing videogames (guess it: both hands busy, eyes focused on… huh… other action?)
Artistic depiction of a sex position should be fictional, so no real life experience is required but if you want to talk your BF (or whatever “available”) into it, and then share your experience with future (adult) gamer generations… be my guest. (kidding)
Each update should contain a single position with artistic depiction and a brief text to explain “how to do it”: rate it for how tiresome (strength: that not unlimited resource, you know), how difficult and safety suggestions.
This is why the other artist need to be female: as you can guess, since I am male I can… huh, how to say?
I can guess only guess half of it.
I know it's strange since is not the kind of request you do to a woman… well, maybe some proposed to try various kind of position, but seldom going to be asked to draw an entire book.
For this webcomic my partner (artistic partner) need to be willing to take the challenge like drawing human anatomy (the sexed up ones) rather plain nudity (I am even thinking to leave the couple dressed with the top)… just think how complex would draw a mildly complicated kamasutra position.
It's a rough challenge alone, hopefully “mostly manageable” in two.
Do you read all through this? well, so here's the link:
here's template idea (link won't work until prof some “mature logic” )
I am looking for this on other places (going to host the webcomic elsewhere): but if I find someone available here I've no problem to host this idea on TD
Any idea sound stupid until you don't put effort to make it real: today we're able to fly on airplane for this exact reason.
Need to know more, just ask! (pm for privacy are fine too).
I am in other webcomic also, but they are not actually hosted on TD so it's not fair to link them: refer to my gallery on dA Tumblr and twitter
alessandro at 9:09AM, March 9, 2012
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I am advertising for this collaboration elsewhere too, there's a bit of interest on this project.. since then I've collected various question: I was used to post directly in where I did the request; but seems like I forgot to post them here. Here's the question I got so far now:
Question: But why erotic positions to practice during the videogame experience? Don't you lose the fun while having to distract from your partner and restrict actions while hands are engaged on the joypad?
Answer: It is assumed that the main purpose during sex is, indeed, devote yourselves to the each others, but how do it is not a mathematical rule: sex explained only as a being naked, muscular movement, and some chemical reaction can be used to describe how things work in the animal kingdom but not in the animal-human one: otherwise we wouldn't explain to ourselves sexual tendencies and preferences (and a whole library of little kinky stuff). There is also a kind of “shared bondage” while not having control of your hands (busy with the joypad, remember?). Also videogaming features an easy and immediate against premature ejaculation: with the right timing you just need to focus more on videogaming action and score (on the screen, the score on the screen)
Question:Wouldn't you have a better time courting an artist (and this goes for everyone looking for artists), if you offered payment in some form (like paying upfront and/or a percentage of sales, etc), you would have a better potential to get responses?
Answer: I didn't plan to make money out of it by myself (I don't think this webcomic would past projectwonderful filters and surely I won't to put ads with random pr0n, bluepills, and ex-girlfriend claim photos). But eventually we can come out some idea from it, for example: if we get some some audience enough to sell stuff online (design our own shirts to sell etc) we could split fifty-fifty.
Question: But why does it have to be a woman?
Answer: I had already answered this, but it was incomplete: there's a logical and personal reason for it. Personal reason: pack with a woman to draw arts? how kinky! Well, not that really. Obviously I would consider sexy work four hands with a woman: but I am more inclined to enjoy this as sharing though with a female mind. Plain and simply that: not looking for a girlfriend, have hot date etc. with my collaborator…also only a woman know what women like: more female fan for the webcomic, more chance to get an hot date!

As for logical reason: since I am male I am most inclined to understand what a male would enjoy (more of a statistic issue: reality is that any human can understand what other humans feeling are, that's what we call empathy) this would result to impair the chemistry balance between genders
Question: You feel only women would be able to draw/conceive of certain positions?
Answer: Any human mind can draw/conceive anything; that's not why I am looking for a female artist. There's not a single “big” reason for this, but some issue that cross togheter. Another one is, in example: for each position reader are suppose to find description on how much difficult and tiresome would be certain position (among other stuff like how to reach that position) and this require more of empirical written content.
alessandro at 10:27AM, March 11, 2012
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Question: Do you have any other contact, in case someone don't want to contact you from their established profile?
Answer: I can be contacted through: email/Aim/MSN: [] and skype: [nightdrake1]. When the position will be filled, I will trash these contacts: so remember me to ask for the “definitive” if you want to keep in touch with me.
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