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Artist Wanted for 22pg story
Loucien at 2:43AM, March 20, 2012
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Mains is a 22pg one-shot script.  It is a “horror” story but is a twisty,chiller (with some humour) rather than a gore-fest - it'd give it a PG rating.  I picture it as B&W but that's negotiable, I'm also not precious about changing script based on writers ideas (as long as I'm consulted first).  I need an artist who can draw people and building interiors (not too cartoony).  
Teaser Synopsis
It follows four people who's place of work appears to be having some electrical issues.  Lights go on and off, alarms sound and lifts refuse to move.  As they try to leave the building it becomes clear that someone or something is trying to herd them into the basement.
Once complete I'm happy to shop it around, or use a POD publisher.  Is unpaid (but I'd split creator/ownership with the penciller).   I'm also happy for it to be a webcomic before being a print comic.
If interested please contact me and let me who if you pencil, ink, letter or all 3.  I prefer to be contacted by email: loucien at
This is a link to my current ongoing, small press comic book series: but this comic is very different in terms of story-line and characters to Mains.

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