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Mind Slash
WhiteMaze at 7:27PM, June 8, 2012
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Hi there,
I'm new to this site and to this forum/community as well. I would like to promote my web-comic which I began writing and drawing a few days ago.
The comic's name is Mind Slash.

Basically it is about a boy named “Seno” that is fighting to regain his spirit back, his very own personality and most of all, his desire to live again. He wakes up in the middle of nowhere, only to be chased down by a huge
monster. Where will this lead him? We'll see  :lol:
The comic is fairly new (only a few days old as well as only a few pages) and the concept and the ideas (as well as the story itself) are still in the works, so you
should expect no periodical updates. It really depends on how I can construct the story bit by bit. But there should be a number of
updates a week, or at least one update weekly. If you like mysteries, puzzling ideas and fantasy/epic concepts then have a look  :D
The style I'm using is a simplistic style: a personal sort of mix between manga and my own. Always wanted to do this.
Anyways to check out my comic just click this link:
Thank you all.
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