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Writers seeking artist! Comic graphic novel or samples/characters
ItsPurpleCloud at 2:44PM, June 16, 2012
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Hello my name is Jason, I am one quarter of my team PCEC. We enjoy working with creative, artists who will work to make the best project possible. Artist opinions are great to have. 

We have been holding off finding artists because we decided to write a few heavy scripts. Some are short stories, some are what I like to call EPICs. Weekly comics. Graphic novels. Manga we have it all. 

Upcoming projects are all around 25 pages, some will again be like 4 part comic or continuous comic. All will be full color by the artist or a colorer later. Even if you just want to start some and finish a chapter that's fine. We like the idea of multiple artist.


1. Fantasy action graphic novel with a tad gore. It's a big epic and it's a master piece from emotions to landscape.

2. Is a futuristic cyberpunk action romance involving stunning visuals and a very unique characters and weapons. A short 4-5 book graphic novel.

3. A modern day action with a young man who finds out not everything is so normal. He ends up in this world of beauty and chaos. 

4. A horror/drama/physchological thriller that involves the NEW monster of our day and age. Something that can be remembered forever. It's very violent and weird. Involves Alot of what the fucks.

Honestly its truly easiest for me to have one person  for pencils, inks, colors, and letters. So please let me know how many of these you can do. If you are limited to just one of these that's fine. I'm looking for anyone who wants to work.

Build a team/collaborations:
Anyone maybe looking to join our team let us know we write like we have no tomorrow we have a financial advisor and a website will be up shortly. Tshirts will be available as well. You get free copies of all the comics as well as shirts. 

How to Apply -  ALL SUBMISSONS TO Itspurplecloud (@)

We are nothing but serious. We have weekly meetings and are ready for nothing but success. We're not promising anything though, we can't guarantee success or recognition just hard work.


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