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Hey Everybody!
XTREEMMAK at 5:09PM, Dec. 10, 2012
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Just started using Drunk Duck and thought I'd introduce myself.

My name is Jamaal Ephriam and I represent a small independent comics and manga production group called KJC Comix. We currently have one webcomic series that publishes every month on the first and the fifteenth called Drift. 

Drift is a humorous action, manga inspired, comic strip that follows the irregular life of Game Tester Maji Mayo and the recently added Ciro Onruce, on their wild and often quirky experiences. The strip frequently parodies subjects in Video Games, Animation, and Music pop culture, and often pits related subjects against the unlucky duo in a wild and crazy way unlike any other.

You can find Drift here on Drunk Duck at or if you are looking for even more Drift information, and information about where to get the latest Drift gear when available, or if you want to be the first to see the latest Drift before anyone else, you should probably (which means you should…..probably (lol)) bookmark our main site: 

Last shameless plug, we also have other goodies and community related posts goings on at our Facebook page at so, like and follow, and contribute to the growing community.

That said, I’m happy to be here, and more than happy to share Drift with you all…..well not much left to say but,


…and maybe happy Easter..

Crap, my calendar didn’t sync, STUPID MICROSOFT

The moment when you realize X-Mas is around the corner and you’ve done no shopping 0_0
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ATBL at 1:54PM, Dec. 13, 2012
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Hey Jamaal, I know you from the Webcomic Underdogs group!
I rather like Drift. Worth checking out for those of you who haven't already done so. Kinda reminds me of Boondocks…on steroids, lol.
The one thing that I think needs a little work is the lettering. It's too small in some places and there are some balloons that cram a lot of dialogue into them. Try splitting up some of the chunks of dialogue into multiple balloons and increase the font size by a couple of points. It'll make it a much “smoother” read. Anyways, I rather enjoyed this full panel page:

XTREEMMAK at 8:08AM, Jan. 7, 2013
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Hey there ATBL,
Wow, looks like I'm incredibly late at seeing this. I appologize for that. Thank you very much for your suggestions. We'll take them into consideration while writing from now on :D. I'll be sure to check out your comic as well.
Thanks again!

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