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Seeking creators to join in new exclusive website/ print project
bigzcomics at 9:50PM, July 23, 2013
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I have been drawing comics for 30 years as a hobby and I finally feel like I have reached a point where i am happy with my work . I am putting together a website I plan to launch in september . I also have a high quality large format printer and plan on some limited print comics as well . Currently I have researched and am set to be able to drive viewers in large numbers to the site . I have also lined up a supplier to be able to make t shirts etc. to sell on the site . What i am looking for is content providers , as I am employed full time I can only produce so much content for the site and I would like to have something more for the audience when I launch the site . I will be paying for the site ,promoting the site and providing the inital investment in any print or merchandising efforts we would make . Creators wolud only need to provide content and agree to a profit sharing plan in the event of any sales . Creators would retain full ownership of their creations and could participate at whatever level they so choose .
                    What I am looking for is American style comics , all ages or teen (no adult please ) action,adventure , superhero , mystery , fantasy . Formatted in a way that will work in my gallery setup (we can work on that ) and of good quality . I would consider b/w if the story and art are strong but color is perferred . NO ANTHROPORMORPHIC , BOY BOY , OR GIRL GIRL COMICS (I have no problems with these , I am simply seeking a action/ adventure all ages audence) ROMANCE OR DIARY/REAL LIFE ,HUMOR COMICS .
      If you are interested post here and I will pq you (provide the name of your comic or of a comic I can look at to see your work ) Also I am going to be particular and not everyone may be accepted , so no hard feelings please .
          To see a sample of my comic and get an idea of what I am looking for check out The Power Of The Orb here on the duck I only Have a couple pages up so far .
                  thanks Big Z

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