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You can draw but lack a story?Want to create a Manga/Manwha together?
UnknownSaint171 at 5:39PM, July 26, 2013
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I am a writer and always had a wild imagination. I always come out with
the craziest plots and twist as a kid. I have read so many
mangas/manwhas that i wonder if i could work with someone? I am teaching
myself to draw but not at a near level were i can do anything worth
praising. When i found out the creators of noblesse was a writer and a
drawer i was surprised and was hoping i could do the same. Of course a
webcomic though. Mangas take to long and more effort. Webcomics are like
7 pages a chapter lol. So there super short.

You'll have to be able to draw buildings,transportation,nature such as
trees or sky too. I haven't drawn buildings yet but I think I can manage
depending the structure. Not sure. I'm not the kind of guy who lets
someone do the whole thing so rest assure of course I'll do my best in
my abilities to help out and do my part. Such as storyboarding,ect.
Anyways email me for more details and how we're going to do this at
 The story is about Two guys from two different worlds being betrayed and abandon. Left for dead, they're rescued by an old priest and a mysterious girl. Being the only survivors they gain new strenght and friendship. They come back to their old home under a new identity. In a place filled with poverty,hostility and believed to be dead, Will they seek vengance?
There's more to it then that but just wanted to give off a little info. I can't pay you, i thought it could be something we could work together and if it becomes succesful then will hit it off from there. I hope to have fun and enjoy this project with you. I have other stories in mind so if you don't like this one i got a tons more.
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